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During the hours when students are not busy attending classes for their Spanish course in Mexico, the Spanish language school in Playa del Carmen would like to give all its Spanish language students the opportunity to not only learn Spanish, but also explore Playa del Carmen and the surrounding area. So, in addition to the Spanish courses at the school, the Spanish language school in Playa del Carmen offers two to three activities every week. These include, for example, Salsa and Merengue dance classes, movie nights, Mexican fiestas, cookery courses and presentations on Mexico. There are also trips to the beach and the Xamán-Ha Bird Park. All activities, with the exception of excursions, are already included in the price of your course.

The Spanish language school in Playa del Carmen wants to ensure that there are also plenty of things for you to do even once the classes of your Spanish course are over for the week. For this reason the Spanish language school in Playa del Carmen also offers fantastic excursions at weekends. These weekend excursions may include, for example, a day trip to the historic Maya cities, a trip to a leisure park on the Caribbean coast, a visit to the former Colonial city of Valladolid, or you can also go snorkelling and diving.

The Spanish language school in Playa del Carmen is always keen to encourage all its students to take part in as many activities as possible, as these provide the perfect opportunity to learn Spanish even when you are not attending classes for your Spanish course. After all, the classroom is not the only place to learn Spanish and with the wide choice of activities on offer in Playa del Carmen, you can be sure to find something that is just right for you. The best way to learn Spanish is to have fun at the same time!

Regularly scheduled activities include:

  • Dance lessons (Salsa and Merengue)
  • Cultural lectures
  • Snorkeling (extra fee)
  • Singing Mexican songs
  • Karaoke
  • Sports on the beach (beach volleyball, for example)
  • Fiestas
  • Cookery classes
  • Movie nights
  • Visits to the Xamán-Ha Bird Park

Regularly scheduled excursions include:

  • Tulum and Xel-Ha (Mayan cities on the ocean, snorkeling) Sian-ka'an (Biosphere)
  • Cancun
  • Xcaret ( Mexican Theme Park )
  • Coba and Cenote (Mayan cities in the jungle)
  • Chichen-Itza and Cenote Ikkil (Mayan cities)
  • Valladolid (Colonial city)

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